File Checksum Verifier

Verify the integrity of the file using File Checksum Verifier

“File Checksum Verifier” is a multifunctional tool for generating checksums (MD4 / MD5 / SHA1 / SHA256 / SHA384 / SHA512 / Tiger / Haval / RIPE-MD) of the file specified by the user. With its help, we will verify the integrity of files downloaded from the Internet based on checksums provided by the creators (usually MD5). Thanks to this small tool, it is very easy to check whether the content of e.g. the executable file downloaded by us has been unauthorizedly modified in order to include stealing private data. “File Checksum Verifier” is equipped with functions for generating checksums. Importantly, “File Checksum Verifier” is available completely free!

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License: Freeware

Version: 1.0.0

Systems: Windows 8,8.1,10